Security professionals caution: be careful what you wish for


In this fascinating round-table of forward-looking security professionals, one fact becomes abundantly clear: the archetype of perimeter-defined security management, within the confines of the traditional network perimeter, has seconds to live.  I mean, its extinction was inevitable, but cloud computing has given it that extra push. In fact, this is the one sector of the IT community – the security world – where you see some hesitancy.  It’s not to say they don’t foresee the value in cloud computing it’s just that on a daily basis, they are confronted by ever-complex and increasing threats.  There’s never a dull moment, and now the IT community as a whole is charging full-speed ahead with a new and still-ambiguous paradigm that will only exacerbate this unease.  They’re the ones on the front lines who have to deal with the bottom-line ramifications of developer and tester ambitions, never mind the ever-present insider threat, which will only metastasize as the employee becomes more “empowered” on the cloud.


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